Happy & Prosperous New Year 2016

Wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

You all must have set some resolutions and the list must be long. Even I use to do it until now. But this year I didn’t as I was not able to keep it until the very first month of the year. This year I am planning to live out the New year wish I got from most of my friends & relative i.e“Happy & Prosperous New Year”.

This year I will try my level best to stay happy no matter what and work to achieve prosperity in terms of health & (wealth of course).

I have many friends & relatives who have ignored their health and now are paying the price. Beside I know many who know the symptoms and realize that they are on the verge of a medical condition but are afraid to visit a doctor (including me).

I must say we will stay happy only if we are healthy, as being healthy gives us the opportunity to learn, to earn & to move towards prosperity.

To ease the plan and to have a healthy lifestyle I have figured out some very good apps…

A long race with no Goal!

June 9, 2015         A long race with no Goal! I am running, running and running. This mundane lifestyle; where, we all are running, not for cause but for living, At times I think what is the purpose. Since 8 years I was so engrossed in my office life that I had literally no personal life and after my marriage the occasional meeting with friends also halted as my relatives replaced them. A dinner here, a lunch there was a sort of outing which was more of obligation rather than enjoyment. I bet same is the case not only with women but men as well.Have you ever thought what this life is for, why we are earning and the material we buy from money does it fetch or provide any cherish-able enjoyment. For most of us the answer is no!Here I want to list few things which I would like to do, to bring some more happiness in my life.1. Join Gym2. Learn to Swim3. Frequent Sunday afternoon at home doing nothing4. A bit of painting5. Writing my thoughts6. Gardening7. Cooking some not so great food b…

One step = Instant life rejuvenation

In my recent article: Re-start, Re-fresh your life, I wrote about refreshing life so as to enjoy it to the fullest. During the journey i realized besides making changes to our lifestyle we also need to look around to cut the crap which is hindering the process…What this crap is... Any guesses???? Let me tell you it’s Negativity!!Believe me; cutting negativity out of your life will bring the sort of difference which will almost instantly fulfill your desire to have a calm, rhythmic life.The world is full of negativity storehouses in the form of the disgruntled co-worker, the no-sayer, the fool next door.....even the condescending relative. They work like vampires and suck out happiness out of our life. They are never satisfied, never happy and always complaining. Distant yourselves, as they don’t do any good to you rather bad & really bad.Keeping away a negative acquaintance is quite easy but how to deal with co-worker or the relative? My advice is distant yourself, block them, ign…

My Child, My family – What if I am no more tomorrow?

Most of us think of buying Term & health insurance but never do so. I believe, the main reason is we don’t think it’s important, secondly we think how we can invest money when we have other expenses to be taken care of.  Besides, due to our lifestyle driven “wants” we are always short of money & are living paycheck to paycheck.  Are you saving enough for your future? We are ready to spend Rs. 1500 on a basic dinner but think a lot to allocate funds for EMI of Rs. 700 for Term insurance. Why we are so ignorant, may be we have not seen people who suffer in absence of these must have tools. If this is your case, read below story and take a call. We all think accidents are meant for others & mishappenings will not affect us, we are wrong! 15 days back my husband’s colleague (4 people) met an accident & passed away on Yamuna Expressway leaving behind their family and children aged between 2 months to 2 years old. They themselves were in their late 20s and mid-30s. Read comple…

Re-start, Re-fresh your life!

Welcome friends, you are here, I am overjoyed! May is around the corner & I am determined to start fresh (after completing pending tasks of last financial year & winning battle of getting my son admitted to a good school in Delhi), I am all set!

Recently I have realized there is no need to rush; the life gifted by god is meant to be enjoyed, not to be spent in doing random things & feeling unsatisfied. I believe we need to slow down a bit to cherish the magic of god & to feel satiated; we need to refresh our souls & surroundings.

I hope below actions could fetch some results, you can start from wherever you feel like, what’s important is that you start taking positive actions to get positive results. Clear your mind Let go the past – it may be troubling you since long…. Good memories good to keep… bad memories trash them up. Feel sorry for your misdeeds – say sorry, feel light, let go the baggage
Picture how you want to lead your life Think about your passion Think about yo…

Paint my world

As you paint the sky blue… as you paint a flower red….. Paint my world with new colors from start to end…

All the mistakes I did… please god can you undo that….
Ever flowing thoughts of doing things right, please god can your strengthen them.

I fell lonely, I feel bewildered… lost in my thoughts with no hope or alter…. It seems I have lost touch… can you please help me regain my strength…

Please God can you repaint my world… with love, strength and rest….
Love, Neetu

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